Are the installation of Amerguard car sun shades comply with JPJ regulation in Malaysia?

Yes. as published in The Star & (Metro) on 27 September 2012 stated that removable and not permanent sun shades are allowed.


What materials are Amerguard car sun shades made of?

Amerguard car sun shades are made of high quality polyester mesh fabric. They are manufactured under stringent quality control of Amerguard- "" Premium quality product.


Is it necessary to remove Amerguard car sun shades when I need to wind down my window?

No, definitely unnecessary. Amerguard car sun shades do not obstruct the windows operations.


I have tinted my car. Will Amerguard car sun shades help?

Amerguard car sun shades will act as a double level of defense to further reduce heat and block out the sun's glare. By reducing the heat, the car air conditioner will be used less, thus helping to reduce fuel consumption. The sun shades are also certified to block 79.83% of ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation and 74.33% of ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. UV transmission tests conducted by SGS.SA.


My vehicle model is not listed.

Do drop us an email and regularly check our website for product profile update.


What is the warranty for Amerguard car sun shades?  

Each Amerguard car sun shades goes through a stringent manufacturing process at all critical process points. Hence our end product is free from any manufacturing defects. We will provide warranty in the event your Amerguard car sun shades arrived with defects due to delivery. There is no warranty for wear and tear or mishandling of the car sun shades.

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